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Permanent Hair Removal Ways for Men

Permanent Hair Removal Ways for Men

Nowadays, hair removal is not only for women anymore. It has become increasingly popular among men. For one thing, women do not like hairy men, and for another, hair removal is part of basic hygiene. So here in this article, we are to figure out some permanent hair removal ways for men. Quciklook:

Method How It Works Pros Cons Duration Cost
IPL Light absorbed by melanin damages hair follicles Painless, easy, safe, permanent Not for all skin/hair types, expensive devices 5-20 mins per session $100s for device
Laser Light destroys hair follicle stem cells Most effective, permanent Expensive, not for dark skin 30 mins per session $1000s for treatments
Electrolysis Electric current destroys hair roots Works on all skin/hair types Painful, many sessions needed 10-20 mins per session $40 per hour
Waxing Pulls hair from root Hair grows back thinner Painful, not for sensitive skin 10-60 mins $40-$70 per hour
Depilatories Chemical dissolves hair proteins Cheap, fast, easy Harsh on sensitive skin 30-60 mins $5-$20

1:IPL Hair Removal

Jovs IPL hair removal for Men
  • How it works: IPL hair removal is an FDA-approved permanent hair removal treatment. It is made of many diverse wavelengths, which penetrate the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles. When the hair follicles are heated up by the light absorbed to a certain temperature, it can cause hair growth to inhabit.
  • Advantages: IPL hair removal is pain-free and easy to operate at home. It is considered as the best at-home hair removal device. It is totally safe. In addition, these side effects such as red bumps and ingrown hairs will never happen when using IPL devices. Achieving relatively permanent hair removal effect can be the biggest of advantages am.
  • Disadvantages: IPL hair removal is not suitable for people with dark skin and red, blonde or gray hair. If your skin is easy to get scarred, epilation may leave slight cuts. The cost of hair removal devices is high.
  • How long it takes: With the new IPL hair removal system, you can remove the hair within 5-20 minutes. If you choose professional IPL hair removal machines, like JOVS Venus Pro II hair removal the best result is that you can make 80% hair reduction in just four weeks.
  • Cost: From around hundreds of dollars, which depends on the brand and its functions.

2:Laser Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removal for women is suitable for men
  • How it works: Professional laser hair removal machine uses concentrated beams of light ( laser) into hair follicles, where pigment absorbs the light and destroys the stem cells. Hair follicles coagulate and necrotic hair naturally falls off.
  • Advantages: Laser hair removal treatment has the greatest and long-lasting hair removal effect. Laser hair removal treatment works on small areas well, like the face and other smaller places.
  • Disadvantages: The price of it is expensive because it is usually used at the beauty salon. It is less effective for dark-skinned people. Also, Laser hair removal may leave scars or burns on the skin if done by personnel without certification.
  • How long it takes: It takes roughly 30 minutes per session. It usually reaches the effect of permanent hair removal after four to six sessions.
  • Cost: From around thousands of dollars, which depends on the beauty salon you choose.


electrolysis hair removal for Men
  • How it works: Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment with an electric tool. The electric current move along the wire inserted into the hair follicle under the skin surface to destroy the root of the hair.
  • Advantages: Electrolysis is effective for people with any skin type, skin colour, hair colour, and hair type. It is suitable for sensitive areas of the body, like the face and bikini line. Also, it is an FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair removal.
  • Disadvantages: Firstly, electrolysis can be a little painful. Secondly, the treatment needs multiple sessions. The thicker and denser the hair, the more sessions you will need to remove the hair. On the other hand, it may cause scars if the probe goes too deep or is not sterilized.
  • How long it takes: It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes per session. It usually takes a year of weekly treatment if you want lots of hair removed.
  • Cost: About $40 per hour.

4:Waxing for Men

man waxing for hair removal
  • How it works: It uses resin-based wax that pulls the hair out from the root. There are two different ways, soft wax and hard wax. Soft wax is more painful and suitable for Vellus hair. Hard wax usually takes off more hair and is less painful. It suits different types of hair.
  • Advantages: The more you wax your hair, the less possible it will be to grow back. Also, The hair will grow back thinner and softer after waxing. In addition, waxing is of great help to make the skin smooth and younger-looking
  • Disadvantages: Waxing can make you feel uncomfortable and painful, which depends on different pain thresholds. It is not good for all types of skin. The individual with sensitive skin may face redness and a burning sensation.
  • How long it takes: From 10 minutes to 60 minutes or more, which depends on the area.
  • Cost: around $40 to $70 an hour, depending on different treatment areas.


Depilatories for Men
  • How it works: It applies a chemical compound, made of creams, gels and lotions on the area where you want to remove the hair. The cream can attack the proteins in the hair and dissolve them.
  • Advantages: It is relatively inexpensive. It is fast and convenient to use at home. You don't need any technique; and it usually takes four to eight minutes to take effect.
  • Disadvantages: It is not friendly to sensitive genital skin since some ingredients in the chemical compound can be harsh. Depilatories may easily lead to allergic reactions, such as burns, blisters and etc.
  • How long it takes: from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Cost: prices range from $5-$20.

It is common and natural for men to remove unwanted hair. Even a man with a full beard may want to get rid of their hair on the rest of his body. If hair removal can make you have confidence in your skin and look, you should do it without hesitation.

After you read this article, I hope you can choose the most suitable method for you from these five permanent hair removal methods.

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