DPL Photofacial Treatment: Everything You Need to Know! (2023)

DPL Photofacial Treatment: Everything You Need to Know! (2023)

Are you still bothered by skin problems, such as redness, pigmentation, and so on? Do you desperately want to find an effective and convenient way to improve your skin conditions?

Do not worry! In this article, we will introduce a cutting-edged treatment, DPL treatment and it will help you solve your troubles with a reveal radiant skin.

How does DPL Technology work?

DPL stands for the Dynamic Pulsed Light Facial, which is an advanced treatment putting laser and intense pulsed light(IPL) together to treat skin problems such as melasma and tired skin. This non-invasive and non-ablative treatment is the best treatment method for these skin problems.

DPL uses soft narrowband spectrum light to restore collagen and elastin in the deep of the skin.DPL covers a narrowband spectrum of 500-600nm or 550-650nm and the light can penetrate the skin to 1-2 inches deep.

Narrow Spectrum Light

The core technology of the DPL treatment adopted is Dynamic Toning Technology or D-Light. D-Light is a new kind of light pulse made from a combination of laser and IPL power sources. With the advantage of its low -influence and high-density energy and speed, D-light is considered the most effective and safe when treating skin conditions.

DPL can treat Rosacea-related facial problems such as redness, spider veins, pigmentation, and spots. It also can reach an anti-aging effect and make your skin brighter and fairer.

What's the difference between DPL photofacial and IPL photofacial?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It delivers a broad spectrum of wavelengths through the skin to repair red and damaged areas. When the light energy heats these areas, the cells will disappear and are absorbed into your body, resulting in a more evenly colored complexion.

IPL and DPL are both technologies used for Photo facials, a skin treatment that adopts certain kinds of light-based technology. They are used for curing brown spots and boosting collagen and damaged capillaries.

DPL is an advanced form of IPL, but they have some great differences. On the one hand, individuals with dark-toned skin will feel more discomfort than those with light skin when using IPL photo facials. Because IPL is like a black cloth that can absorb all the heat, making you feel burned.

On the other hand, IPL can only be used on some specific skins like lighter color skins. We need pay attention to most DPL based products can not be suitable for all types of skins, espcially for black skin. In addition, DPL can clean the pores and tighten the aging skin.

In addition, DPL photofacial can be effective in reducing the pore size while IPL may not affect the pore size.

Ten Benefits of the DPL Photofacial

  1. DPL photofacial is effective for treating spider veins: Photons passed by the laser are absorbed by the blood cells in the veins. This process generates heat and destroys the blood vessel. The damaged vein shrinks and dissolves with time.
  2. DPL can heal acne and scars: Acne is a common skin problem.DPL technology can be of great help to solve this problem. Using DPL photofacial can dismiss harmful bacteria and release redness.
  3. DPL can prevent skin aging: DPL can change the structure of the skin cells aged, making them become young and healthy skin cells.
  4. DPL can effectively lighten skin discoloration and pigmentation: DPL adopts Dynamic Toning technology to reach the deep layer of the skin, resulting in the reduction of pigment and skin discoloration.
  5. DPL can be effective to reduce pore size.
  6. DPL is the best way to reduce Rosacea.
  7. DPL restores hydration and moisture to balance skin.
  8. DPL helps release wrinkles.
  9. DPL can increase collagen and elastin production.
  10. DPL has a great influence on the treatment of pain.

The Best At-Home DPL Photofacial Device: JOVS Blacken

For those seeking an effective at-home photofacial device using advanced DPL technology, the JOVS Blacken is an excellent option worth considering.

The Best At-Home DPL Photofacial Device: JOVS Blacken

The JOVS Blacken delivers professional-grade DPL photofacial treatments in the comfort of your home. After just 4 weeks of use, 95% of users reported improvements in skin tone, texture, firmness and tightness.

Here's a closer look at what makes the JOVS Blacken one of the best in-home DPL photofacial devices:

  • Precise Narrow Spectrum Technology: Uses 500-650nm wavelengths optimized for absorption by melanin and hemoglobin to target pigmentation, blemishes and redness.
  • Triple Mode Treatments: Offers customized treatments for overall brightening, spot/acne reduction and redness reduction.
  • Sapphire Cooling: The sapphire applicator tip cools and soothes skin during treatment to prevent heat damage.
  • Intelligent Continuous Flash: Pulses light continuously for easier, faster coverage of treatment areas.
  • One Device, Total Facial Rejuvenation: Improves complexion and skin concerns like pores, spots, redness, and acne scars. Check our acne skincare tips.
  • Painless and Safe: Gentle enough even for sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals or downtime.
  • Easy to Use: Treatment takes just 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per week. Guide with videos makes it simple.

With its tri-mode treatment capabilities, specialized DPL technology and sapphire cooling, the JOVS Blacken delivers radiant, youthful skin without the hassle and cost of in-office photofacials. 

The majority of users see significant improvements in just 4 weeks. Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, the JOVS Blacken lets you experience the rejuvenating effects of professional DPL photofacials conveniently at home. Check JOVS DPL laser device review here.


More FAQs about DPL Photofacial Treatment

Is DPL better than IPL?

Yes, DPL is generally considered superior to IPL for skin treatments. DPL uses a more focused wavelength range that penetrates deeper and is safer on all skin tones. DPL also reduces pore size better and can remove finer hair that IPL cannot. Overall, DPL provides more advanced and customized treatments. [1]

What are the benefits of DPL Laser?

DPL laser provides many benefits for your skin:

  • Fades sun spots, age spots, freckles
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Tightens skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Treats rosacea and facial redness

What is the difference between IPL and DPL facial?

The main differences between IPL and DPL facials are:

  • Wavelength range - DPL uses a narrow 500-650nm range while IPL is broad spectrum.
  • Penetration- DPL penetrates deeper into the dermis layer of skin.
  • Pore size- DPL reduces pore size but IPL does not affect pores.
  • Safety- DPL is safer to use on darker skin tones versus IPL.
  • Results - DPL provides more advanced skincare benefits like increasing collagen. 

How often can you use DPL light therapy?

It is recommended to use DPL light therapy 2-3 times per week for best results. More frequent use does not improve results. Consistency is key - using DPL every other day provides the optimal balance of skin improvement without overtreatment.

How often do you use DPL?

The typical recommended usage frequency for DPL treatment is 2-3 times per week. Daily use is not necessary and can increase the risk of side effects. After your initial set of treatments, maintenance can be reduced to 1-2 times per week.

    What Distinctive Benefits Does DPL Technology Bring to Beauty Devices?

    DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light) technology employs a narrow spectrum of light that penetrates the skin's deeper layers. This unique feature enhances both the efficacy and safety of treatments for a diverse range of skin conditions.

    How Do Beauty Devices Powered by DPL Differ from Conventional Devices?

    Devices equipped with DPL leverage cutting-edge Dynamic Pulsed Light Technology, allowing for a more precise and targeted approach to skin treatment. This results in a highly customized and sophisticated skincare solution, setting it apart from traditional beauty devices.

    How Does DPL Technology Measure Up in Terms of Safety?

    DPL technology is widely regarded as both effective and safe, owing to its utilization of narrow-spectrum light combined with low-impact, high-density energy. This ensures minimal risk while maximizing treatment benefits.

    Which Skin Types Are Most Compatible with DPL Beauty Devices?

    DPL devices are engineered to be versatile, suitable for a broad range of skin types. Nevertheless, it's advisable to conduct a preliminary skin test or consult a dermatologist prior to initiating any treatment regimen.

    What is the Recommended Frequency for Utilizing DPL-Powered Devices?

    For best results, experts recommend using DPL devices 2-3 times per week. It's important to note that excessive use does not yield better outcomes and may, in fact, heighten the risk of adverse effects.

    What Array of Skin Conditions Can DPL Technology Address?

    DPL is adept at treating a variety of skin issues, including but not limited to redness, acne scars, and pigmentation. Additionally, its anti-aging properties contribute to skin brightening and whitening, enhancing overall complexion.

    More tips: New Acne Mark? Use These Skincare Tips to Prevent Scarring

    When Can One Expect to See Tangible Results with DPL Devices?

    The majority of users typically observe noticeable improvements in skin tone, texture, and firmness within a span of 4 weeks, although individual results may vary.

    Are There Any Special Features to Look for in Advanced DPL Devices?

    Certain high-end DPL devices come equipped with specialized treatment modes, such as comprehensive skin brightening, targeted spot/acne reduction, and effective redness alleviation.

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