JOVS Alva Wireless LED Light Therapy Device

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■ Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles effortlessly
■ Fade pigmentation and redness for a more even tone
■ Ease bodily inflammation, offering relief from discomfort
■ Pain-free, side-effect-free, and wire-free experience

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Significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles seen in 97% of participants.

Before treatment close-up of aging skin around the eye area showing deep wrinkles and fine lines.


After treatment close-up of rejuvenated skin around the eye area with visibly reduced wrinkles and smoother texture.


Visible anti-aging results in 28 days showing improved skin firmness, radiance, elasticity, and reduced crow's feet and pimples.
Before and after comparison of skin showing enhanced gloss and minimized sensitive areas following 28 days of treatment.
Woman with All-In-One JOVS Light Therapy Device for Comprehensive Skincare.
Clinically proven LED light therapy with six wavelengths for hydrating, calming, rejuvenating, brightening, and enhancing skin's collagen production and metabolism.
High-efficiency LED light therapy with 190mW/cm² intensity for increased skin cell vitality and red light distribution.
Advanced JOVS LED therapy device highlighting red, yellow, and blue lightwave modes for skin conditioning, soothing, and acne treatment.
JOVS LED Therapy Device with Classical Modes for Skin Rejuvenation, Tightening, Hydration, Oil Control, Depigmentation, Anti-Aging, and Whitening to Enhance Skin Care Efficiency.
Full-Body Skincare LED Light Modes featuring After-Sun Repairing, Hair Care, Skin Stabilization, Intimate Care, Spot Reduction, and Sleep Resurfacing for targeted skincare treatments.
Wireless and rechargeable LED light skincare device shown in use for full-body application, highlighting its convenience and portability for revealing youthful skin.


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