Close-up of a laser hair removal procedure on woman's face, monitoring for signs of hyperpigmentation.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Hyperpigmentation?

In some cases, laser hair removal can indeed cause hyperpigmentation. But you can easily avoid this happening by simply paying attention to a few things.

Person in green silk robe using an IPL hair removal device on arm with goggles.

5 DIY Hair Removal You Can Try at Home

There are many ways to DIY hair removal at home. You can shaving yourself and try sugaring, turmeric, or even alum and rose water with ingredients at home. You can also buy an IPL device to enjoy a...

Why Does My Mustache Hurt When Touched and How Can I Avoid It?

Why Does My Mustache Hurt When Touched and How Can I Avoid It?

Does your mustache hurt when you touch it? Click here to find out why and learn how to avoid it happening in the future.

Sugaring is a hair removal method that utilizes sugar to get rid of unwanted hair.

What is Sugaring Hair Removal and How to Do it at Home?

Let's talk about a hair removal secret that's not only sweet to your skin but also has roots that stretch back to the sands of ancient Egypt: sugaring. Unlike its more abrasive cousin, waxing, suga...

A white-robed woman gets ready to shave after taking a shower.

Should I Shave Before or After a Shower?

In search of an ideal shaving? Let's take the plunge into the controversy of whether to shave before or after the shower and find out how this seemingly trivial decision impacts the comfort and hea...

Young woman getting a honey wax treatment on legs at spa, a method with quick healing tips for ripped skin after waxing.

How to Treat Ripped Skin From Waxing

Discover effective solutions on how to heal ripped skin from waxing fast with our comprehensive guide. Learn immediate care tips, natural remedies, and preventive measures to soothe your skin and p...