JOVS Slimax Microcurrent Full-body Anti-aging Device

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Facial Golden Pivot 4-Step V-Face

11cm² Large Electric Field for Quick Reset and Soft Tissue Lifting




Microcurrent Technology

Utilizing unique microcurrent electric pulse waves in conjunction with a membrane to create a high-intensity focused electric film field. 

It sends simulated bioelectric currents resembling skin tissue to the skin, addressing aging issues such as sagging, collapsing, hollowing, slackening, concavity, fine lines, and wrinkles..

Specialized Essence

Patented ingredients promote penetration with a penetration-enhancing power of up to 7.65 times.

Our skin carries a negative charge, while the Plussome factor bears a positive charge. The magnetic attraction between them enhances absorption, doubling the effectiveness.

Tighten the Scalp and Strengthen the Hair

Key Ingredient - 18K Gold Nano Rods

All-around Care for the Scalp through Comprehensive Pathway Collaboration

Photobiological Regulatory Effect: Activates hair follicles at the root

Laser Phototherapy Technology

Anti-Hair Loss Ingredient

Frontier Active Ingredients,Efficient Activation of Hair Cells.

(Efficient Activation of Hair Cells: Strengthenshair and prevents loss)

18K Gold Nano Rods

Dual Electric FieldSuperfrequency for Enhanced Penetration.

(EIS biomimetic electric pulse waves, electric ionlocalized micro electric field)

Dual Nutritional Composition

Nurtures Scalp Ecological Balance,
Controls Oil, and Soothes.

(Oil Control Formula:+1%,oil secretion-277%:
Otingmin inflammation inhibition rate: + 2300 times)

JOVS DIARY Peptide Collagen Anti-wrinkle Firming Mask

- 6+6 multiple-source anti-aging ingredients
- Patented components promoting collagen synthesis
- Peptides
- Boseine
- Acetyl hexapeptide-8
- Palmitoyl tripeptide-5
- Centella asiaticoside
- Centella asiatica acid
- Opuntia streptacantha
- Houttuynia cordata
- Chamomile extract
- Portulaca oleracea
- Scutellaria baicalensis
- Paeonia suffruticosa

JOVS DIARY Plumping Tightening Collagen Serum

Triple Sea Essence Collagen for combating wrinkles on the face.
- Deep-sea fish bone collagen (500-5000DA)
- Codfish hydrolyzed collagen (2000DA)
- Sea urchin bone collagen (37000DA)

JOVS DIARY Plant Extract Soothing and Rejuvenating Scalp Essence

18K Gold Nano Rods
24-hour beauty light and 14 times micro electric field synergy for enhanced effectiveness.
Contains Kopexil, a 100% key anti-hair loss ingredient.

JOVS DIARY Skin-Friendly Thickened Cotton Pad

Plant Fiber is soft, resilient, and tear-resistant.
Fluorescent-free for safety and minimal lint shedding.

EPT Mode

Facial Care Mode

SNE Mode

Body Care Mode

MAS Mode

Head Care Mode


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