How to Keep Skin Hydrated in Summer

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Summer skincare must be one of the most demanded routines during the season. Your skin's propensity to dry out can be incredibly high, so having a proper skin hydration routine can always be handy. Ideally, neglecting your skin can make your skin overly dry in the summer. Moreover, prolonged sun exposure, hot weather, low humidity, and increased activity in the summer can crack your skin despite pulling all stops to keep it hydrated. So, how do you ensure your skin stays hydrated in the summer? Please read on to learn more about how to hydrate skin in this article.


Why Keeping Your Skin Hydrated in Summer is Crucial


The summer weather might be one you'd never want to miss out on. However, as much fun as it is, it can take a toll on your skin. You may get a heat rush, sunburns and hyperpigmentation if you spend a huge chunk of your day outside during this time of the year. Significantly, you may get dehydrated due to the high outdoor temperatures.


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Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated is essential to keeping your skin in perfect shape during this season. Hydration can be crucial if you plan to get into a skincare routine since it helps maintain your skin's moisture barrier. Moreover, it sustains its function, facilitates better product absorption and prevents skin issues. That's ideal if you're opting for natural skincare.


How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated


One question always lingers when looking at keeping the skin hydrated: How do you keep your skin constantly hydrated, internally and externally? Natural skincare routines to help keep your skin hydrated include the following:


Drink Enough Water - Water is the foundation of having healthy skin. You may lose lots of water from your body during the summer, and rightly so. Therefore, men should aim for an average daily water intake of 15 cups, while women should use 11 cups to keep the body hydrated.


Use Gentle Cleansing Agents - You can apply gentle cleaners like chamomile extract, honey, and Aloe Vera to your skin daily. These agents usually don't strip your skin of natural oils, which keeps you hydrated.


Hydration Boost - Incorporate a hydrating serum or essence into your routine to provide extra moisture to your skin. Look for products containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or vitamin B5 to attract and retain moisture, leaving your skin plump and hydrated.


It's best to note that proper skin care requires using the right skincare products. That means they should offer the best results beyond hydration with added benefits like the reduced pace of aging and giving you a youthful appearance. Equipment that uses unique laser light therapy can best keep your skin youthful as you strive to keep it constantly hydrated. The JOVS Slimax anti-aging device can be your go-to among the many options available.


Advanced Skincare Solutions: JOVS Slimax


For those who embrace natural skincare routines to maintain hydrated skin, the JOVS Slimax Microcurrent Full-body Anti-aging Device emerges as the ideal ally, offering a refined and youthful skin experience. This advanced anti-aging device utilizes CET biomimetic electric waves, combined with 540nm green light and 660nm red light therapy. It effectively combats signs of aging such as sagging, wrinkles, and hollowness, providing a sensation that is gentle and devoid of the tingling sometimes associated with EMS devices. Designed with an ergonomic, rotatable structure and using patented ingredients that work synergistically with its special essences, JOVS Slimax offers a deep and indulgent skincare treatment, simultaneously firming the skin and nurturing the scalp.


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Integrate the JOVS Slimax device into your summer skin hydration regimen to enhance your complexion. After completing your daily hydration routine, once your skin is clean and all products have been fully absorbed, choose your desired mode on the device. Then, gently glide it over your skin, following the natural contours of your neck and face. Employing smooth, circular motions can help to maximize the device's efficacy and your skin's receptivity to hydration. Regular use of this device, especially when combined with proper hydration, can help your skin remain plump, radiant, and youthfully vibrant. Always refer to the device's instruction manual for detailed guidance on use to ensure safety and optimal results.


Common Mistakes in Summer Skincare


Most people forget that not every hydration skincare routine works best if they barely know their way around them. There are a few hydration skincare routines you should always avoid, which include the following:


  • Over-exfoliation strips away essential oils and moisture from the skin. Gently exfoliate instead.
  • Using highly concentrated alcohol-based products can be drying and irritating. Opt for alcohol-free alternatives instead.
  • Skipping sunscreen exposes your skin to UV damage, leading to dehydration and premature aging. Always have your sunscreen handy and apply it accordingly.
  • Take hot showers that dry your skin by stripping it of its essential oils and moisture. Lukewarm water can also be great for hydrated skin.


You might also wonder why my skin is so dry even when I moisturize and drink water? Please don't be surprised if that's the case since dry skin can persist due to environmental conditions, genetics, skincare products, and underlying health issues. If so, please consult with a healthcare provider for further assistance.


Wrapping Up: Your Pathway to Radiant Summer Skin


Adequate hydration helps to maintain the skin's moisture barrier, supports optimal function, improves texture, prevents premature aging, and enhances the effectiveness of skincare products. Besides, adding more to your summer hydration skincare routine by keeping your skin youthful using skin care devices like the JOVS Slimax can vastly improve your skin health. Please learn more about JOVS Slimax skin anti-aging device by heading to the official website.

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