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IPL Before and After: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Woman using an IPL hair removal device on her leg in a well-lit bathroom.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has transformed at-home hair removal, offering smooth, stubble-free skin without harsh chemicals or discomfort. IPL's bespoke spectrum of light waves targets follicle melanin pigmentation, retarding regrowth long-term quickly and safely when used correctly.


However, like all treatments, the right pre- and post-treatment techniques are crucial for maintaining results and skin health. This guide provides expert care tips and preventative measures to maximize the effectiveness of IPL treatments while warning against common usage errors that can lead to deterioration. Say farewell to frustrating mistakes and embrace a well-informed hair removal routine that minimizes the risks of irritation, burns, or pigmentation.


Pre-Treatment Care Essentials: Priming for Success


Have reasonable expectations and understanding of IPL limitations alongside advantages over temporary solutions like shaving or waxing for sustainable smoothness. IPL works by stunting hair regrowth, not permanently eliminating follicles, which remains unachievable. Consistency matters as interrupted treatments midway reset progress, demanding a new 6-week initial phase and committing to weekly sessions showing reduction only after. Similarly, blond, grey, or fabulous hair lacks sufficient melanin, responding poorly and necessitating alternative electrolysis. Fortunately, no hair meets this exemption over swathes of skin.


Woman smiling while holding a JOVS IPL hair removal device.


One month before first IPL appointment, avoid:


  • Hair removal methods such as plucking, threading, and epilating, which extract entire follicles, necessitating complete regrowth before treatment
  • Facials causing inflammation and handling vulnerable skin soon meeting intense light
  • Retinoids and Benzoyl Peroxide setting up photosensitization reactions under beams without adequate protection and recovery periods beforehand
  • Tanning naturally or using bronzing creams creates pigment concentration disparities and confusing wavelength calibration for uniform efficacy


One week prior, commence gentle daily exfoliating, ensuring skin surfaces stay clean and supple without abrasion or cuts that may scar under photonic emissions. Use SPF 50+ protection whenever heading out, preventing even minimal tan that shields intended melanin targets below. Hydrating intensely with rich creams nullifies dryness or tightness as properly moisturized tissue withstands a light capillary effect.


Post-Treatment Care & Grace Period Expectations


After treatment, gently cleanse your skin and steer clear of harsh scrubs or chemicals for 24 hours. It's also wise to avoid hot baths, which can dilate blood vessels and increase photosensitivity. To soothe and nourish your skin, apply smoothing gel 6 hours after the IPL treatment. Avoid using makeup or perfume immediately after treatment. However, if you need to cover any closed blemishes, mineral makeup is a safe option.


A woman is applying smoothing gel after ipl facial hair removal treatment


Pinkness or bronzing from deeper vascular heating dissipates naturally within a week - stress responses are not to be confused with burns that warrant urgent attention. Apply SPF 30+ liberally when heading out and skip tanning or bleaching products interfering with recovery. If using depilatory creams unavoidably, perform quick allergy patch tests on inner arms beforehand, ensuring no reaction develops before slathering legs.


Expect shedding dry skin or darker emerged hair before falling off around two weeks post-treatment, leaving behind a smoother underlying dermis. Avoid plucking, bleaching, or removing weaker strands, prematurely destroying intentionally damaged follicles, requiring repeating the entire process unnecessarily. Hair cycle synchronizing sets an optimum reduction timeline around six weeks after initial treatment when most regrown hair also gets sufficiently stunted.


Consistency remains imperative for lasting aesthetics. While shedding persists for a month or two steadily, without quarterly maintenance interfering with renewed follicle activity, advantageous retardation effects wear off, returning to the original growth schedule. Perseverance rewards the patient - imagine never shaving daily or waxing monthly again!


Avoiding Common IPL Errors


Despite the devices like the JOVS Venus Pro II being engineered to minimize user errors, neglecting proper usage can still lead to poor experiences and outcomes.


  • Insufficient Gel Application: Neglecting conductive gel pads transferring heat risks burns
  • Patchy Coverage: Random glides instead of structured pulls leave behind hair patches, eventually growing back quicker
  • Impatience Over Hair Cycle: Prematurely quitting treatment before completing recommended weekly sessions for six weeks, not realizing the hair cycle needs interrupting at the growth stage
  • Spot Treatment Expectations: Using IPL just for smaller bikini zones limits effectiveness compared to more expansive entire leg/arm areas with hair growth synchronized for optimal disruption
  • Overusing: Attempting treatment twice within the compulsory two-week skin recovery period overexposes and risks burning
  • Shaving Between Treatments Too Soon: Shaving before completing the treatment regimen removes damaged follicles needing repeat processing later


In summary, carefully balancing informed expectations with diligent, responsible use maximizes aesthetic hair removal aspirations safely. Heed precautions include adapting clever user techniques for your skin needs to prevent mishaps or half results. And reach out to JOVS customer support anytime to clarify doubts - we're delighted to assist.


IPL empowers taking charge of beauty routines on your terms minus the limitations of transient solutions. You deserve lasting confidence affordably, reliably, and comfortably. JOVS simplifies that attainment, pioneering IPL hair removal and fulfilling that reality. Contact our consultants or explore Venus Pro 2 for timeless, smooth beauty. Silky skin awaits.

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