IPL hair removal and the accessories

The Preparation Before IPL Hair Removal: Take A Skin Test

Why take a skin test before IPL hair removal? It ensures safe and effective treatment. Learn how to properly conduct a skin test!

Comparison of shaving and plucking for hair removal

Plucking vs. Shaving: Which Is Better

Curious about plucking vs. shaving? Read on to explore the benefits and drawbacks of each and get a bonus tip for hair removal. Find out which hair removal method suits you best.

skin hyperpigmentation

How Red Light Therapy Can Treat Hyperpigmentation

Discover how red light therapy (RLT) can effectively treat hyperpigmentation.

Close-up of a closed eye with mascara on eyelashes

What Happens When You Sleep with Mascara On?

Sleeping with mascara on makes eyelashes stiff and prone to breakage. It weakens the roots, and mascara particles can cause dark circles and affect the eyelids.

Woman using a red light therapy device while wearing a green robe and protective goggles

Does Red Light Therapy Tan You? Let's Find Out!

Red light therapy doesn't tan you, as opposed to UV. It is a safe and non-invasive approach to treating aging signs and promoting healthy and radiant skin.

laser mask device maybe the most effective anti-aging skincare

What Is the Most Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care?

We always care about the efficacy of skincare products. Find out the most effective one for anti-aging though the article.