Why At-home Skin Rejuvenation Machines Are Popular and How to Choose One?

Why At-home Skin Rejuvenation Machines Are Popular and How to Choose One?

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The pursuit of beauty has never stopped since ancient times. With the advancement of technology, becoming beautiful has become an increasingly easy task. In recent years, many female users who love beauty are not satisfied with the ingredients and efficacy of skin care products and seek to achieve more "immediate" results through aesthetic medicine.

From the way that achieving facial change with the help of beauty products to the efficacy of skincare, consumers are increasingly focused on the inside out to become beautiful underlying improvements that accompany medical aesthetic programs. Among them, aesthetic medicine means faster and better results.

Here is a homemade skin photorejuvenation machine that gives you hospital-grade results at home, the JOVS Blacken DPL Skin Care Device, allowing you to have bright, clear, and tender skin. It can be recycled for multiple uses, with three simple modes, portable and lightweight design.


JOVS Blacken IPL Photofacial at home


JOVS has been committed to the research of at-home beauty machines, and its new JOVS Blacken DPL Skin Care Device is a breakthrough in the use of DPL precision narrow spectrum technology, filtering invalid clutter so that the smaller size of the home instruments output of precise 500-650nm narrow spectrum light, which makes the energy of the effective light source precisely focused. Through selective photothermal action, it acts more efficiently and precisely on the melanin deposits and abnormal capillaries precipitated at the bottom of the muscle, accelerates skin metabolism and promotes the restructuring of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis. DPL technology can be used for home use so that you can enjoy medical-grade effects at the price of skin care products.


DPL face treatment


In the field of aesthetic medicine institutions, photorejuvenation projects have always been the first choice of consumers. Therefore, it is suitable to get a JOVS Blacken for home medical facial. It is generally believed that 3-4 times is a cycle, long-term skin care can improve the overall skin dull state, and target light spots and redness removal so that your face becomes smooth and radiant!

Compared to medical institutions, JOVS Blacken has another significant advantage, which is it allows you to rejuvenate your skin at home with painless feelings, thanks to its use of medical-grade sapphire with excellent light transmission. This kind of sapphire plunge Cooling technology can protect the skin surface to avoid thermal damage, giving users a comfortable and painless experience. At the same time, continuous use is no problem at all.


ipl photofacial at home


With JOVS focusing on treatment efficacy and a comfortable experience for its customers, you will enjoy an incredible skin recovery with JOVS Blacken DPL Skin Care Device.

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