Plucking vs. Shaving: Which Is Better

Comparison of shaving and plucking for hair removal

Choosing the right method to get rid of hair defines how you appear and how manageable and painless it is. Each process has advantages and disadvantages, from the simplest one-time treatments like shaving or plucking to more advanced long-term procedures like IPL.

The best option lies in the solution you seek, the amount you are willing to spend, and your tolerance level. This guide will help you select the most appropriate solution in plucking vs shaving: which is better.



A Look into Plucking and Shaving

To help you prepare for each method, below are the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal technique.


Tweezing or plucking is a particularly advantageous technique for eradicating undesirable individual hairs. It can be used effectively when working on the shape of eyebrows or maybe removing some facial hairs.  Unlike shaving off hair with a blade, tweezers, on the other hand, are used to pull or pluck hair. The effects of tweezing can last longer than shaving, sometimes up to six weeks, providing you with long-lasting results.

To start, gently apply a warm washcloth to the face to prepare the skin for the process. Identify the hairs you need to remove. Then, having your skin pulled tight, remove one hair at a time. Remember to pull or pluck in the same direction in which the hair grows. Rub an ice cube to reduce redness.


  • pull out hair from the root, thus, long-lasting results
  • effective when used to remove just several hairs
  • perfect method for eyebrows, chin, and other small areas
  • avoid exposing the follicle to any foreign oils or waxes
  • can be done at home, affordable and relatively fast


  • painful and discomfort
  • result in ingrown hairs, irritation or scarring
  • require precision and time-consuming
  • not applicable for larger body areas
  • less effective as compared to other methods


Shaving is probably one of the most popular techniques for hair removal, as it is easy on the pocket. You can simply grab an electric or disposable shaver and cut off any hair that's in the way. Shaving using a razor or blade can remove hairs at the skin level. But it doesn't get rid of those hairs. Rather, it just shaves them, making them invisible to the naked eye.

Shavers can be used on any body part, but the benefits are temporary and do not last long. These areas will remain free of hair for one to three days, and then you will be required to shave daily or at least every few days.

For the best results, apply soap or shaving cream to your skin to eliminate the chances of cuts. After washing your face, gently push the shaver across your face in the direction of hair growth.


  • quick, convenient and affordable
  • ideal for leg, arm and facial hair
  • simple and easy to learn
  • less painful than plucking


  • not long-lasting, and hair grows back quickly with blunt tips
  • risk of cuts, razor burns, nicks and skin irritation
  • potential for small bumps and ingrown hair, especially in the pubic area
  • shaved skin gets darker



Find the Better between Plucking and Shaving

It is important to note that not all hair removal techniques could be appropriate for everyone. Some considerations for selecting an appropriate method include cost, convenience, pain and discomfort, effectiveness, skin sensitivity, and side effects. The location of the body hair also determines which technique a person has to employ. Specific areas like the anal and genital areas might need extra attention.

Lastly, each individual's skin type and tolerance level are different. So, base your decision on personal suitability and skin needs rather than myths. Consider long-term results that reduce hair growth over time instead of short-term outcomes.



Alternative Method to Plucking and Shaving

Besides plucking or shaving, why not try modern technology devices such as IPL hair removal? JOVS specializes in affordable and innovative at-home beauty devices to help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin every day.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology is a versatile, safe, and effective solution for hair removal. It uses a flash-lamp to deliver a light spectrum ranging from 590 to 1200nm, effectively treating unwanted hair, redness, pigmentation, and sun spots or freckles. This flexibility makes IPL a popular choice for at-home beauty treatments.

a woman is using IPL hair removal

The JOVS Venus Pro II IPL Hair Removal Device is a state-of-the-art hair removal solution. It uses a new invention of a multi-frequency continuous pulse that stands out as a tremendous advancement in traditional IPL, boosting hair removal outcomes significantly. It selectively heats the pigment called melanin in the hair shaft and stem cells and converts light energy into heat to destroy hair without harming the skin. Note that your hair shaft must be present for the IPL session, so avoid plucking or waxing. The device is designed for at-home use, making it a convenient and cost-effective hair removal solution.

Lastly, it's FDA-approved and completely pain-free! Give it a try!

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