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It's every dancer's dream to make it to Broadway, whether you're from the U.S. or halfway around the world in Tuscany, Italy, like Saverio Pescucci. Through dedication and determination, he's been able to travel around the world doing what he loves the most, ballet, performing for widely recognized companies like He's danced for worldwide ballet companies like The Finnish National Ballet. Most recently he's taken the stage on Broadway as a soloist in The Phantom of the Opera.

Saverio Pescucci is dacing with another ballet dancer

The JOVS team loves arts and culture, and once we learned about Saverio's incredible journey as a ballet dancer, we were immediately interested. His tenacity and passion for dance shines through, and is proof that with the right mindset and skills, anything is possible. It's also part of how we approach everything we do at JOVS.

Our entire team believes in delivering only the best, most innovative products to improve the lives of people across the globe. So we wanted to chat with Saverio to learn more about how these qualities contribute to his career.

From what he told us, he had this mindset at a young age when it came to dance saying, "My family likes to tell me I started dancing before I could walk! I can't even imagine doing anything else professionally. I started training early at the La Scala Ballet School in Milan, practicing throughout my childhood and teenage years, and eventually graduated in 2010. Throughout that time, my ultimate goal was always to make it to Broadway, and now I'm here!"

We know the feeling of accomplishing something that seems nearly impossible, like when we launched in 2019. There weren't any products like ours on the market, but we knew we had something amazing, and fortunately, other people recognized that too. This helped us raise funds to develop and finally launch our first hair removal device. Relating to this made us wonder how accomplishing that big dream changed Saverio's life.

Saverio said, "It definitely made me feel extremely grateful because so many dancers dream of going to Broadway, but never make it. So knowing that all my hard work paid off was really satisfying. It also showed me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to, and gave me so much more confidence. With that, I feel even more motivated to continue going for more and more challenging roles."

We couldn't agree more that confidence is key when it comes to achieving goals, but we also wanted to know what role it plays in his performances. Sevario had this to say, "Feeling confident is a huge factor in having a successful show. We're here to entertain and captivate the audience, so that means I have to really get into character and make sure every movement is precise. I try to do everything I can when I'm not performing to guarantee that I'm always feeling confident in my performances."

The detailed picture of JOVS X Lamborghini with yellow color

Even though we're in different industries, we know exactly what Saverio means. Just like he has to work to keep his mindset on the right track before and after shows, our team has to work to make sure we're always thinking bigger and better. That's why we're always developing new ideas for features and products. We wanted to know what Saverio did in his spare time to keep up with his A-game.

"Taking time out to focus on self-care has been really important to me. I believe in keeping my body and mind healthy and strong, so fitness and being mindful are priorities. I'm also careful about what I eat and what kind of products I use on my skin and hair. Using the JOVS X Lamborghini has been a lifesaver because it's kept my skin looking youthful and toned without having to apply a bunch of products."

JOVS X Lamborghini with yellow color

JOVS is dedicated to providing men and women around the world with the most convenient, and highest quality beauty products possible. Like Saverio, we believe everyone should feel confident enough to go after their dreams, and self-care is part of that. With everything we have in common, we're looking forward to launching more innovative smart-beauty products and seeing how much further Saverio gets in his career.

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