Meeting With Stars: Rachel Thalman


The ultimate dream of any professional ballet dancer is to come to New York, and Rachel Thalman made it happen. An accomplished dancer who has appeared on countless stages, she is now taking the dance world by storm. Since moving to New York 4 years ago, she has worked as a freelance dancer, model, and performed for major events including New York Fashion Week. Her growing resume includes memorable performances in The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Swan Lake, just to name a few. Her dedication and high ambition remind us that we are committed to testing our limits and surpassing ourselves. Since we have such similar values, we wondered what drove her to keep pushing herself, and what she hoped for in the future. Fortunately, she was already familiar with JOVS and was happy to talk to us.


As soon as we start, it's easy to see how much she loves acting. When asked about it, Rachel said: "Dancing was my number one passion, but in general I just enjoy acting and being creative . and models to express yourself.” Having multiple outlets is also familiar to the JOVS team, which is why we constantly push ourselves to continue creating innovative designs.

With so much talent, we wonder how she got into ballet. “I started at a very young age, taking my first lessons when I was four years old, and I never stopped! I also learned several different styles, including tap, modern and jazz , but ballet has always fascinated me. It's something I've always been inspired to do and it's been challenging. Even though I've been doing it for a long time, ballet still brings me to anything I've ever done the greatest pleasure.


Rachel is proof that persistence and hard work pay off. She has trained across the country at UNC High School of the Arts and the Pittsburgh Ballet Graduate Program, among other places. She even trained across the globe to hone her skills.

"During my youth, my family lived for a while in Zurich, Switzerland, where I studied with Gretchen Bernard-Newberger. She had a huge impact on my confidence and pushed me to pursue professional dance."

But it's not enough just to practice with top coaches. It takes a lot of work in other areas to be one of the best and be able to tour with a Broadway show. When asked about her career, Rachel attributes her success to her holistic approach, saying, "I always make sure I have one evening a week that focuses on a broad self-care routine. I use laxative Salt showers, shaves, moisturizers, face masks and hair masks, and taking time out to relax my muscles. It’s important to me to rejuvenate my skin and body on a regular basis.”

RACHEL THALMAN with JOVS Mini outside

JOVS' team of designers, researchers and engineers may not be athletes, but we are all about taking a holistic approach. That's why we do thorough development and testing to deliver the most innovative products, such as our JOVS Mini, which combines hair removal and skin care, which Rachel mentioned was important to her.

"Although my skin and hair don't directly affect how I dance, they do affect how comfortable I feel when I'm rehearsing or performing. The less I have to worry about while dancing, the better! For me, smooth double Legs are most comfortable under ballet leggings." Rachel isn't the only one who understands the power of feeling good in her skin. We at JOVS recognize this and that's why we launched. We want to help women and men feel more confident, powerful and beautiful.

RACHEL THALMAN is dancing with JOVS Mini

Given the link between skincare and Rachel's health and performance, we wondered what she thought of the JOVS Mini. “I tried all the typical ones but they all had drawbacks like skin irritation and ingrown hairs. The JOVS Mini did not have any of these issues and it made my skin look and feel softer than ever. "

It's nice to know we can help Rachel look and feel her best while dancing. Even better is knowing that we are all committed to never compromise, whether on the Broadway stage or in our labs. This is further proof that passion and dedication are the best foundations for anyone, no matter what their goals are. Without these qualities, JOVS would not have developed a never-before-seen line of beauty products, and Rachel would not have pushed herself to strive for ballet gold.

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