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How Much Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost?

How Much Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost?

Electrolysis hair removal method has been around for decades. It's a less painful treatment to get rid of unwanted hair and works on all skin types. What's more, it's an FDA-approved procedure that guarantees long-lasting results. This post will discuss electrolysis hair removal cost and the factors to consider before you book your treatment.   


What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?


A fine probe or needle is inserted into the natural opening of the skin. Then, an electric current is sent to permanently destroy the hair follicle. You may need several treatments, depending on the hair thickness.


Electrolysis vs other hair removal


You're probably curious to know how electrolysis differs from laser hair removal. Well, electrolysis focuses on a single hair while laser treatment targets hundreds of hairs. The laser damages cells with a lot of color, and the technician must go back and forth in the treatment area.


Electrolysis can treat different areas of your body, irrespective of hair color or texture. If you have painful ingrown hairs, this can be an excellent option too.


A woman receiving a electrolysis hair removal treatment on her underarm area while wearing protective eyewear.


Factors that affect the cost of electrolysis


Electrolysis hair removal procedure doesn't have a universal cost. Here is what you should focus on:


1. Impact of Treatment Area on Electrolysis Prices


Thick hair will require more sessions. If you want to treat a large area, the cost will be higher. For instance, you pay less to treat small areas of the body like the chin or upper lip, compared to leg treatment.


Similarly, the cost will depend on whether you want part or full-body electrolysis.


2. How Session Quantity Affects Electrolysis Expenses


A session can last a few minutes to one hour. Some areas require a couple of sessions per week. Before you start the treatment, a certified electrologist will assess your hair and give a cost estimate of the treatment plan.


3. The Role of Practitioner Expertise in Electrolysis Costs


While this area is often overlooked, you want to work with an electrologist with a track record of success. After all, this procedure can cause pigmentation issues when performed incorrectly.


4. Geographic Variations in Electrolysis Pricing


It's not too hard to assume the prices of electrolysis in major cities like LA and New York will be higher compared to suburban areas. Expect slight variations in the locations you choose.


5. Post-Electrolysis Aftercare and Associated Costs


It takes 2-48 hours to recover from electrolysis treatment. Your electrologist may recommend a calming lotion depending on skin sensitivity. If you perform the procedure on your face, you should avoid makeup or anything that makes you sweat.


The average cost of electrolysis hair removal


A one-hour session of electrolysis hair removal costs $50 to $250. Here is a breakdown of the average charges for a minor procedure.


  • 10 mins or less - $25


  • 15-20 mins - $45


  • 30 -45 mins - $70


  • 60 mins - $145


An electrolysis treatment that lasts $15 minutes to 1 hour (twice a week) can cost $30 to $100 per session.


If you're a candidate for electrolysis, you should familiarize yourself with factors that affect cost.


Cost Comparison: electrolysis vs. laser hair removal


A 30-minute electrolysis session targeting a small area can cost $45 to $60, but you need more sessions. By contrast, a 30-minute laser hair removal session costs an average of $200 and $400 but you need fewer sessions.


Long-term Cost Benefits


Electrolysis destroys the hair follicles permanently. Although it takes time to see the results, you save money in the long term. Unlike laser treatments that require repeat treatments, you don't need multiple visits to your provider. Once you finish the sessions, the hair is gone completely.


Secondly, electrolysis requires very little aftercare treatment - this is not the case with laser treatment.


Other than that, electrolysis works on all skin types and hair colors. This means you don't need a separate treatment if you have dark or light color. Of course, you can use the treatment on any part of the body.


A close-up view of a electrolysis hair removal treatment on a client's leg at a professional spa.


Choosing a provider for electrolysis hair removal


Now that you've decided electrolysis treatment is best for you, the next step is to choose your provider.


Check professional qualifications


Electrologists must have the necessary qualifications to practice in your state. Do they have proper education? Are they experienced? Are they members of a professional organization? Don't be afraid to ask for certifications from an accredited school.


Working with an experienced professional could mean the difference between good and bad results - it's your skin we are talking about.


Ask for referrals


If a family member or a friend has undergone electrolysis treatment, you can ask for recommendations. You want to filter those that are a close fit to you. If you don't have someone in your circle, use local directories to find a professional in your area.


Cleanliness is a priority


Electrolysis treatment follows strict sanitary rules. The service deals with needles, so your provider should prove that he takes sterilization seriously. Don't be afraid to ask about the procedure they follow to prevent infections.


The phone consultation


You want to feel comfortable with your electrologist. Even if they have a website that gives all the information, ask about qualifications and experience. This could be a good time to enquire about their sterilization procedures. How will each session last? How much do you charge? Do you offer free initial consultation? Make sure the provider answers all questions with professionalism.


Ask for an in-office consultation


Electrolysis is a personalized service, so you want to build a personal relationship with your provider. This is the time to ask what the procedure entails and any specific concerns you may have. Do they create a space free of judgment? Do they make you feel welcome? Are you comfortable in their presence? Does the place look clean? If yes, you've just met your potential electrologist.


Electrologists follow different treatment plans, so you want to choose the best fit.


Final Thoughts on Electrolysis Investment


Electrolysis is a surefire way to remove unwanted hairs on your body, irrespective of skin or hair color. Before you commit to a treatment plan, you should consider the factors that contribute to the overall costs. On average, the costs are between $50 and $200. If you want to transform your skin, JOVS is the ultimate full-body care solution. Our products, like JOVS Venus Pro II, ensure long-lasting results. The latter employs multi-frequency continuous technology to provide a safe and effective treatment. For additional details on intelligent beauty solutions for home use, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team.

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