Face Red Light Therapy: Before and After

Face Red Light Therapy Before and After

The skincare industry has been revolutionized a lot, and nowadays, it’s beyond beauty serums and anti-aging creams. Currently, skincare enthusiasts are more into innovative and non-invasive treatments to get glowing and glassy skin.

Red light therapy (RLT) is a non-invasive and emerging treatment for multiple skin issues. It shows excellent results in treating wrinkles and acne scars and improves collagen production without going under the knife. If you are new to skincare treatments and interested in red light therapy, ask your dermatologists and estheticians to know before and after things about face red light therapy to unveil its true potential. Moreover, if you want to do it at home, then JOVS beauty technologies, for instance, 4D red laser masks, offer a world of possibilities to achieve you glass skin.


What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) is a therapeutic technique known for its visible, non-invasive results. Low-wavelength red light stimulates collagen production and improves skin appearance. Previously, the red light was used only to treat skin cancers and soars, but advanced research in dermatology has unveiled its other possible uses.

woman with robe using red light therapy on the bed
    • Red light therapy works by using a wavelength of 630–850 nanometers directly to the skin. These wavelengths help the mitochondria in cells to enhance cellular function and energy production (ATP)
    • Ultimately, Red light therapy (RLT) boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of acne scars, and improves skin texture. As you know, collagen is the key protein for skin elasticity and fine-looking appearance.


Types of Red Light Therapy: Laser and LED

Laser and LED are both effective in getting the desired results, but they differ in technology and application.


Laser Red Light Therapy

    • Previously, it was primarily used in clinical setups under professional supervision.
    • It is more intense and can penetrate deeper into the tissues.
    • According to research, “Low-level laser (light) therapy is a fast-growing technology is really helpful in treating a multitude of skin conditions. It improves stimulation for healing and inflammation, and useful for restoration of function.
    • Nowadays JOVS laser mask use FPT (Focus Photo thermal Therapy), which is a laser treatment and safe for home use.

LED Red Light Therapy

    • It is less intense than laser red light therapy.
    • LED devices emit red and near-infrared light.
    • It is easily available in handheld devices and face masks.
    • According to the research published in Photo Medicine and Laser Surgery Journal, LED red light therapy is effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin roughness. It also improves intradermal collagen density for better skin appearance.


Benefits of Red Light Therapy on the Face

Nowadays, red light therapy is the most sought-after treatment due to its multitude of benefits. Moreover, it is non-invasive and has no downtime, so its popularity is increasing day by day. JOVS laser mask use FPT (Focus Photo thermal Therapy), which is a laser treatment and safe for home use.

Let’s dive in-depth to explore its benefits.

Acne treatment

We all experience acne once in our lives and can understand how hard it hits anybody's confidence. RLT is now a popular choice to treat active acne and acne scars.

    • It reduces the redness and inflammation associated with acne by calming down the skin.
    • It also regulates sebum production and prevents pores from clogging, two ultimate reasons for acne breakouts.
    • RLT boosts collagen production so acne scars look less visible.

Anti-aging skincare

Aging is inevitable, but you can delay aging by using the RLT. Nowadays, people look beyond serums and creams to get more visible and long-lasting results.

    • Collagen and elastin are two essential proteins responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. You can't boost their production by only using serums and creams. RLT penetrates the cells and improves their production so you can appreciate your youthful appearance.
    • It reduce fine lines and wrinkles leading to more radiant and youthful skin. That’s why RLT is getting popularity nit-aging skincare regimen. According to research published in 2020 regarding diode RLT i.e.  Works wonder on fine lines and sagging of skin.


Hyperpigmentation is also one of the biggest skin concerns. RLT not only improves skin texture and tone but also treats hyperpigmentation. It ensures that skin cells receive adequate nutrients and oxygen. In this way, you can get a more radiant and even complexion.

It works on age and sunspots.

RLT is also an effective treatment for aging and sun spots. As you know, most skin concerns are due to the harmful rays of the sun. RLT goes deep into the skin and controls the melanin production responsible for brown spots and discoloration of the skin.  


Red Light Therapy: Before and After 

The following are some examples of how RLT helps people with skin concerns before and after.



RLT is great in treating acne; for example, people with a cane suffer a lot from painful and inflamed breakouts, and this series continues if left untreated. Moreover, it can lead to permanent scarring.

Acne after RLT

Regular RLT sessions can do wonders in this matter. It can reduce the severity and frequency of acne breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and inflation. It can save you from future scarring and treat the existing spots and scars by increasing the cell trover.

after a red light therapy treatment, the acne and redness are disappeared.



Before wrinkles and fine line make your skin older. Due to lack of collage you can see wrinkles around mount, under years and more visible on for head.

Wrinkles after LRT

RLT improves collagen production, increases cell turnover, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; with regular sessions, you can see visible differences in the radiance of your skin. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic, and exhibits a more youthful appearance, effectively reversing some of the visible signs of aging.

red light therapy reduces thr fine lines and winkles



Dark circles

Dark circles make you look older and more aged. There are several reasons for dark circles but usually poor blood circulation and skin pigmentations are the culprit.

Dark circles after RLT

RLT improves blood circulation and works on pigmentation, too. It improves the blood flow under your eyes so your eyes look more youthful.

your eyes look more bright after a red light therapy


Tips for Enhancing Red Light Therapy Results

The following tips can help you to get the maximum benefits of RED light therapy.

    • Cleanse thoroughly so the light can penetrate from a clear surface and work effectively.
    • Don't forget to put hydrating serum after RLT. You can use no fragrance moisturizer for this purpose; after RLT, moisturizing serums penetrate well.
    • Never skip skin sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Otherwise, you cannot get the full benefits of the RLT treatment.


Final Thoughts

RLT is a non-invasive treatment for multiple skin issues. The JOVS 4D Laser Light Therapy Mask is an innovative tool for RLT. It is helpful and complement red light therapy sessions at home. It integrates seamlessly in your anti-aging skin care routine. It provides targeted RLT treatment without any hassle. You can get several skincare benefits by including JOVS RLT products in your skincare routine. Wish you a radiant and youthful skin!

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