Meet the At-home Hair Removal Routine


Visible Results In 4 Weeks

Individual results may vary, but here’s an idea of what you can expect. We’re not magicians, but we think these results are pretty magical.

1~4 Weeks

In less than 4 weeks of consistent treatments, you'll begin to see visible hair growth redution.
*3 - 4 treatments per week.

4~8 Weeks

After 6 weeks of consistent bi-weekly treatments, the hair follicles start to shrink and the hair root begins to fall out.
*2 - 3 treatments per week.

After 8 Weeks

Most people will have achieved desired results by this stage, with skin becoming smooth and hair - free.
*1 -2 monthly maintenance treatments.

*More About The Gel

Enriched with ALOE BARBADENSIS, this gel delivers a surge of moisture deep into your skin, instantly quenching its thirst and leaving it plump and radiant.

STEP 1: 

Use a razor to remove and clean the hair in the area that needs to be treated

STEP 2: 

Wear the Goggles and Flash with the Hair Removal Device JOVS uses Painless IPL technology to quickly and permanently remove hair.

STEP 3: 

6 hours after using the epilator, apply an appropriate amount evenly on the hands, legs, and face to make the skin smoother and more delicate.

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