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What to Bring to the Beach: An Ultimate Beach Packing List

Discover the must-have items on your packaging list before you hit the sand.

You have confidently chosen a nice beach fit, stylish glasses, new slippers, and, of course, a fun activity for the beach. However, what other essentials are required for a day at the seaside? We have a couple of ideas for your summer vacation essentials!

A beach vacation is a great way to escape stress and monotony—the sand, the sea, and the sun all invite us to take a break and recharge. There is no better sound than the waves crashing on the shore, the smell of the sun lotion, and all your beach accessories ready for the day out. 

While a beach trip is exciting, there are several things that you can do to make it even more exciting. The road to a stress-free beach destination is marked with a well-planned beach packaging list. So, pack your bags and prepare for the next holiday—it is time to go to the seaside!


Sunscreen: Your First Line of Defense Against the Sun at the Beach

Who would want to go back with tomato-red skin after the most wonderful beach trip? It goes without saying that everyone should pack sunscreen if they are going to any sunny place, and what place is sunnier than the beach? 

apply sunscreen to protect your skin when enjoying sunbathing on the beach


Here are some tips on what to look for when you are picking a sunscreen for a day at the beach:


  • Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection: Your sunscreen must be broad-spectrum to protect against both kinds of UV rays that can result in sunburn and premature aging. 
  • SPF higher than 30: When going to the beach, make sure that the sunscreen has a higher SPF so that it will take longer to redden the skin. Getting protection against UVB rays is essential, as the sea water and sand reflect the sun's rays, making you more vulnerable to sunburn.
  • Water-resistant: The water-resistant components ensure sunscreen remains on the skin longer, especially when sweating or swimming.
  • Reel-safe: This kind of sunscreen avoids sunburn and preserves the oceans. 

Moreover, keep reapplying your sunscreen after 2 hours for the highest level of protection, even if it is waterproof. It is also important that the sunscreen meets the user's skin type to avoid any adverse reactions.


Choosing the Right Bikini: Styles to Flatter Every Body Type

As the beach season approaches, most of you are stressed about how we are going to look when swimming and bathing. If you are aiming for a symmetrical and pleasing appearance, it's important to know your body type. Your body shape is not defined by your weight; you can be pear, hourglass, or apple-shaped, no matter your weight. Understanding your body type can help you choose a bikini that flatters your figure and boosts your confidence.

Enjoy the summer beach time in a bikini


  • For a pear or triangle shape, one should wear tops with elaborate patterns, styles, padding, and low necklines. Go for high-waisted styles to make your thighs look longer and leaner.
  • Low-cut necklines can help hide broad shoulders for an inverted triangle shape, and loud prints can accentuate the hip area and elongate the legs.
  • All types of bikinis are perfect for a rectangle body. For slimmer rectangles, wear skimpy triangle tops and side-tie bottoms.
  • High-waisted bottoms make the figure look slimmer for an hourglass body, and matching sets maintain the proper proportions.

Some popular swimsuit trends include triangle bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, adorable cover-ups, and more elevated silhouettes from new swimsuit brands. 


Protective and Stylish Beach Hats: From Wide-Brimmed to Baseball Caps

Summer beach trips are incomplete without a wide-brimmed hat or a baseball cap. Hats are functional items that protect the face, neck, and head from the sun's rays. They are also stylish, and a beach hat can complement any beach or lakeside outfit.

Use a beach hat to protect yourself from the sun


A sun hat is a type of brimmed hat usually worn during the summer since the material used to make it is lightweight, such as straw or raffia. Its sizeable circular brim protects you from dangerous UV rays. The fabric dries out quickly and can be stuffed in a bag.

A straw hat looks even better when combined with a denim apron dress that touches the ground down to the feet. And a floppy hat gets better with short hair. Style your beach hats with minimal jewelry. 


Hair Removal for the Beach: Why Choose an IPL Device?

Summer is the time for shorts, sleeveless tops, sundresses, and swimsuits—all garments that require a smooth, hairless body. However, removing body hair comes with some common complications, such as ingrown hairs, rashes, and irritation. 

Most people are likely to wax or shave before going on vacation. But shaving before hitting the beach, and that too in the summer, may not be the right thing to do. Sun tanning or swimming with a shaved body can lead to skin sensitivity to abrasion by sand, sun, or chemicals that may come into contact with your skin, such as sunscreen. 

hair removal device playing a important role in the summer vocation


The solution? The IPL hair removal device is the perfect solution because it's safe for your entire body. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, a technology that uses broad-spectrum light to disable long-term hair growth. Look for a reliable, FDA-approved brand like JOVS. Their Venus Pro II device is fully automated and comes with six modes for a personalized hair removal treatment. The best part? You can take this portable device anywhere. 

Hit the beach with a smooth, hair-free body this summer!


Portable Speakers for Beach Vibes: Bringing Music to the Sand

Imagine listening to your favorite music while basking in the sun. A durable and portable waterproof speaker is an essential gadget when going on a beach adventure. Look for a quality speaker that delivers huge sound and bass outdoors. Don't forget the battery life to make sure the music plays for a full day without worrying about it charging at the beach.

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