Detailed Guideline in 2023: How to Use IPL Hair Removal Device

Detailed Guideline in 2023: How to Use IPL Hair Removal Device

For years, IPL hair removal devices have been the most popular way for people who have hair troubles. A painless experience and the effect of permanent hair removal make people choose it.

As IPL technology like JOVS Venus Pro II remover is available for use at home, it brings more convenience and privacy. At-home hair removal devices become the first choice for people who want to get rid of hair. In this article, you will find everything you care about IPL hair removal devices.

What is IPL Hair Removal and How Dose IPL Work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Although electrolysis is an FDA-approved permanent hair removal way, but IPL should be considered. IPL hair removal treatment is progressive, offering full body hair removal. Of course, it can also treat all small areas, such as the bikini area, face, legs, and so on. The IPL technology has a xenon flash lamp, emitting diffuse, incoherent light.

So the following answers ' what is IPL hair removal' - now for the principle. IPL hair removal works by delivering a beam of concentrating light into hair follicles. The light heats them and destroys the hair growth cells to prevent unwanted hair regrowth.

How Long Does IPL Treatment Last?

Because the growth cycle of hair in different areas varies and different individuals have different growth cycles, the treatment time required differs. In addition, these areas with more melanin like underarms, and bikini areas can take the most time.

If you choose professional IPL hair removal machines, such as JOVS Venus Pro II hair removal, you can start seeing the results in 2-3 weeks and get permanent hair removal in 6-8 weeks.

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe for All Skin Types and All Hair Colors?

IPL hair removal is safe. Don't worry about it. Especially, at-home IPL hair removal machines are more safe to use, due to their lower energy than clinic IPL hair removal treatment.

However, IPL hair removal is not suitable for all skin types.IPL hair removal is available for people with lighter skin and is not suitable for dark skin. Dark colors are much easier to absorb more light, resulting in burning the skin and causing other severe side effects.

Also, IPL hair removal is not suitable for people with red, blonde, or gray hair. The reason is that the melanin in the hair of these colors is low and light energy can not be absorbed.


Different types of skins


Is Every IPL Hair Removal Device the Same?

As a saying goes, there are no two leaves alike in the world. Obviously, Not all IPL hair removal device is the same. It depends on their different designs, technology, and effectiveness.

Of all IPL devices, I think that JOVS Venus Pro II hair remover is the most effective. It has many unique features that you will not find in other IPL devices. The design of the 330°rotating head allows you to get rid of body hair within 7 minutes. Importantly, JOVS adopts three pioneer innovative hair removal technology--- Targeted treatment, MFCPT, and advanced OPT hair removal.


JOVS hair removal


Targeted treatment refers to 6 treatment modes for different areas, each mode with 6 levels of intensity. It has the ice cooling head, with full-screen ultra-thin sapphire, which makes hair removal treatments painless. JOVS reaches a more effective, safe, and long-standing result.

MFCPT(multi-frequency continuous pulse technology) is more effective than traditional IPL technology. The principle is that the light energy absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft is transformed into heat. Then the heat destroys the hair. It ensures that the hair destroyed will not grow back while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Advanced OPT continuous pulse technology increases efficiency by 60% compared with other IPL hair removal machines. This reduces the treatment cycle and improves the hair removal result.

How to Use IPL Hair Removal Device?

  1. Step 1: Shave all the hair in the area you are getting ready to treat. Make sure that there is no hair left over the surface of the skin.
  2. Step 2: Put the head or the exact head relying on the size of the area you want to treat. Plug the device and turn on the power of the hair removal device.
  3. Step 3: Turn on the machine and press the button of the gear energy position.
  4. Step 4: Adjust to the mode that you want, and vertically contact the depilator with the skin.
  5. Step5: Wear goggles and hit the first time (without attachment or use bikini magnetic attachment)
  6. Step6: Configure the corresponding SR head, and repair damaged skin(hit the second time)
  7. Step 7: Use it three times a week for the first two weeks and twice a week for the 3rd and 4th weeks to achieve hair removal permanently.

What Should You Prepare Before Using a Hair Removal Device?

  1. Shave cleanly before using hair removal machines. It can avoid much discomfort when making a treatment.
  2. Get rid of fake tan, because fake tan can increase the risk of burning.
  3. Try to exfoliate every day. Exfoliating is good for the results of hair removal and reduces the risk of side effects.
  4. Try to avoid sun exposure 1-4 weeks before hair removal treatment.

What Should You Do After Facial Hair Removal?

  1. Don't pluck or wax when your hair grows again. After treatment, you may find that hairs will continue to grow. It is common and you can shave the hairs but do not pluck or wax.
  2. Also don't get excessive sun exposure for at least 24 hours. Individuals with sensitive skin may feel much hotter than usual.
  3. Keep your facial skin moisturized every day. IPL treatment can make your skin dry temporarily. Moisturizing lotion can take place lost moisture and also soothe your skin.
  4. More advies from JOVS blog: 10 Mistakes to Avoid for Irritation-Free Hair Removal.

After you read this article, I believe that you have learned the principle of IPL, how to pick up the most suitable IPL hair removal for yourself, how to use an IPL hair removal device, and care precautions before and after hair removal

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