Can a home hair removal device remove hair permanently?

Can a home hair removal device remove hair permanently?

Recently my girlfriend is very keen to buy a home hair removal device, but she is afraid of stepping in the pit, So she asked me to help her research which brand of hair removal device is good to use.

Before my girlfriend asked me to help her, she had already been in contact with hair removal devices a long time ago. It is about a year ago that her cousin gave her a Tria semiconductor laser hair removal device, which is in the following.

 Tria semiconductor laser hair removal device

According to my girlfriend's feedback, it took too long and was painful. Because she was afraid of pain, so she used it once and threw it aside. After a year, I don't know why she rekindled her interest in using a hair removal device and asked me to help her pick one.

Considering that I don't go out of my way to help her, there's a chance that the product will be abandoned again, and I'm also worried that a home hair removal device will not be effective, so after a long time of in-depth research, I went through a lot of literature and brand and product information and came to the conclusion that hair removal devices do work and are more reliable compared to traditional shaving (scrapers, hair removal creams, etc.).

But there are a lot of potholes here, newcomers to the game must pay attention! In order not to waste my effort, I put together my research results for your reference.

The principle of hair removal.

We all know that hair is a hair follicle, and the hair follicle contains a large number of melanin cells. The hair removal machine releases a large number of intense light that is absorbed by melanin into heat energy to raise the temperature of the hair follicle, so that the hair papillae get destroyed and the hair follicle goes into the hairless rest period to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

The same principle of hair removal is applied to medical beauty. The original hair removal methods, such as hair removal cream, shaving, plucking, etc. are only superficial to get rid of the hair, the source is not damaged, and naturally, it is impossible to remove hair.


How to choosea hair removal device?

Home hair removal instruments mainly of two kinds, laser hair removal and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal, the principles of these two hair removal devices are similar, is by releasing strong light to make the hair follicle temperature rise to destroy the hair papillae. According to the principle and the use of feeling, choosing a hair removal device mainly focus on four aspects.

    1. Wavelength: the longer the wavelength, the deeper the hair follicle for precise combat. The wavelength is too short not only can not penetrate deep into the hair follicle but also be absorbed by the skin surface melanin causing skin damage.To achieve safe and effective hair removal, the wavelength should be at least above 550nmThe longer the wavelength, the more effective and safer the result.
    2. Energy: As mentioned earlier the principle of hair removal is that the melanin of the hair follicle absorbs the energy of the light so that the hair papillae can be destroyed to achieve the effect of hair removal, within the home safety standards, the stronger the energy the better, the higher the energy the more effective the hair removal, the more lasting the effect.
    3. Light speed: the faster the light speed hair removal speed, the more time saved, can let the ladies easier to stick to.
    4. Skin cooling: this is particularly important. The hair removal device that my girlfriend used before made her feel a lot of pain due to no skin cooling feature. Because we have more epidermal melanin, epidermal melanin will absorb part of the light energy and cause skin discomfort when using the device. But the skin cooling system can reduce the burning and pain.

The hair removaldevice recommendation

 JOVS Venus Pro ll

JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover

So what hair removal device is worth buying? It's a hair removal device with an unbelievable value! What is different is that JOVS hair removal instrument has different hair removal modes for different parts, such as hands, legs, underarms, face, and private parts, intercepting the most effective and non-invasive energy zone to protect the skin from additional damage, making hair removal more accurate and effective.

DIfferent types of JOVS Venus Pro ll

JOVS Venus Pro ll Hair Remover

More specially, JOVS also has a skin rejuvenation function. You can repair skin damage after hair removal. This is so considerate!

Most importantly, you do not need to worry about hair removal will be painful because the Venus Pro II head is made of full-screen sapphire material.

This can effectively reduce the pain and burning sensation in the process of hair removal, so you will feel more ice-cooling and comfortable!

If you do not know what gift you should give your girlfriend for Valentine's Day, let’s prepare JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover, which can meet the diversified needs of your beloved one! 

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