JOVS Blacken PRO DPL Photorejuvenation Skincare Device

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Style: Blacken PRO
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JOVS Blacken PRO DPL Photorejuvenation Skincare Device

The World's First at-home DPL Facial Treatment Skincare Device and We Redefine PRO

Innovative and Professional DPL Facial Treatment

Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) Facial, which is an advanced treatment putting laser and intense pulsed light(IPL) together to treat skin problems such as melasma and tired skin.

You might have heard it referred to as a “photo-facial.” DPL is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment.

With the PRO version, it adopted 20% energy up.

More Effective and Safe

With the advantage of its low-influence and high-density energy and speed, D-light is considered the most effective and safe when treating skin conditions.

DPL can treat Rosacea-related facial problems such as redness, spider veins, pigmentation, and spots. It also has an anti-aging effect and can make your skin brighter and reduce pigmentation.

DPL Precise Narrow Spectrum

The wave band is 500-650nm, which is the absorption peak of melanin and oxygenated hemoglobinThe absorption rate of precise narrow spectrum melanin is twice that of traditional photons, and the absorption rate of hemoglobin is three times that of traditional photons

Sapphire Cooling Surface Area

Light waves act on the dermis of the skin and generate heat that positively affects the circulation Sapphire-based technology can protect the skin surface and prevent heat damage

Three Modes, Full Whitening Effect, All in One Device

Skin care refuses "Surface-level solutions" Only by solving the root of the problem can you achieve a real whitening effect

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