5 week review! Very happy about it

So I got the hair removal device on Feb 28. I did about 2 weeks of low setting just to test my tolerance. Did not noticed a difference in hair removal at all with lower settings The next 2 weeks I used it 3 times a week at a 6 level settings. The last 3 weeks I been using it once a week at a 6 level setting. I am Hispanic and my skin tone is light brown with dark brown hair. Arms: noticeable difference, shaved my hair about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't grown in at all. I been doing the treatment still once a week Legs: same as arms. No hair growth in 2 weeks. Bikini area: I started doing treatments there every day the last week. Before it was about once a week. I just noticed the area next to my legs is getting better, but I also been using on the top of my bikini area and that hasn't changed much. The area is much thicker so ill keep doing it and give you guys a update soon. Underarm: I would say it's about 80% gone, I have a tiny patch of hair that I guess I keep on missing but that is the only patch that gets long now. I have gone 3 days without Shaving and the hair barely grows in the patch. I also started doing daily treatments here. Face: Mustache is gone lol I also still do the treatment here but I haven't had to shave in so long Belly: I forget this area a lot, so it hasn't gotten much treatment. However the little treatments I done have done a difference! Maybe that is why I forget it