Broadway is undeniably an extremely competitive field for dancers, one that often requires dancers to train day and night for years before they can even begin auditioning for Broadway shows. Xiaoxiao Cao, who’s traveled across the ocean from China had to overcome countless obstacles, but finally, set made it to New York’s Broadway. Through her hard work and dedication, currently she’s become the only Chinese ballerina in iconic ballets like The Phantom of the Opera.

Being in such an inspiring position has been rewarding to Xiaoxiao, and helped her build even more confidence. Like her story reminded us of JOVS’ own being the first business to consolidate hair removal and skincare and overcoming multiple technical and design challenges. With similar backgrounds, we wanted to know more about Xiaoxiao, and we had the chance to talk with her recently to find out about how she got started and where she’s headed.

Talking about her roots as a dancer, Xiaoxiao said, globally “I’m a professional ballet dancer from China, and ballet was something I was always interested in as a young child. I fell in love with dancing as soon as I started, and I knew from an early age that it was the path I wanted to take.”

Outside of ballet, she’s also the Designer and Owner of Xiaoxiao Designs, a dancewear line. “I also had an interest in fashion, and I’ve loved reading fashion magazines from a young age. When I wasn’t training for ballet, I would spend a lot of time looking at them, and I’d sketch my own designs too. When I was 18, I got my first taste of professional fashion design when some of my sketches were produced by a manufacturer!”

When we asked about juggling a busy dance career and a fast-growing dancewear business, Xiaoxiao said she’s used to wearing multiple hats. Back in 2015, during summer break, she started another dancewear brand, Xiaoxiao Designs. She handled everything personally, from designing to testing each pair before they are sold. This passion and work ethic reminded us of our own dedication to craftsmanship, refined engineering, and a goal to make everyday life better.  

It was this mutual appreciation for design and attention to detail that brought JOVS and Xiaoxiao Cao together. We were drawn to her story and versatility and she was drawn to our innovative designs and high level of quality.

“I was surprised by JOVS’ product, the sleek design combined with the color, as a fashion designer, it really impressed me. I love emerald green and it’s accented with a beautiful golden champagne finish. I’ve never seen any beauty device like it before. I can see why it won the Red Dot Design Award!”

Committing to a particular path has never been easy. Everyone has a secret that inspires them to keep going. “Besides continuing to practice, the secret I have is confidence, and that doesn’t just mean being confident in my performance. It’s also important to feel confident about how I look because, after all, we are putting on a show. I want to feel beautiful when I’m on stage, and having clear, smooth skin is a huge part of that.”

That’s precisely what JOVS believes in. We’re passionate about instilling confidence in people by providing them with the smooth skin of their dreams. But how does JOVS Venus Pro help Xiaoxiao in real life?

“I was impressed with the quality of the results and the fact that I could use it on larger areas like my legs. After trying it, I can say that other hair removal methods don’t even compare. I didn’t experience any skin irritation or ingrown hairs that come from shaving, creams, or waxing. Plus, it has different settings, so I can tailor it to whatever area I’m focusing on. More importantly, it is wonderfully designed, a perfect blend of beauty and tech.”

The vision of JOVS is to empower and inspire women and men to look and feel their best. We’re committed to innovation and changing things for the better, and to go beyond the boundaries of personal care by combining state–of-the-art technology with skincare for truly intelligent beauty solutions. Ultimately, our goal is to empower people to step outside of their comfort zone, just like Xiaoxiao.