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JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover

Ultra-fast hair removal treatment, high-efficiency, 10mins for the whole body.

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JOVS Blacken DPL Skin Care Device

Diminish the look of dark spots, skin brightening, lifting, and redness reduction.

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Feb 22, 2023

Why At-home Skin Rejuvenation Machines Are Popular & How to Choose One

Consumers are increasingly focused on the inside out to become beautiful, that's why at-home skin rejuvenation machines are popular. Choosing JOVS Blacken for home medical facial, it can improve the overall skin dull condition, target light spots and redness removal.

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Feb 10, 2023

Can a home hair removal device remove hair permanently?

Recently my girlfriend is very keen to buy a home hair removal device, but she is afraid of stepping in the pit, So she asked me to help her research which brand of hair removal device is good to use.

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Mar. 02, 2022

Meeting With Stars: Saverio Pescucci

“Taking time out to focus on self-care has been really important to me. I believe in keeping my body and mind healthy and strong, so fitness and being mindful are priorities. I’m also careful about what I eat and what kind of products I use on my skin and hair. Using the JOVS X Lamborghini has been a lifesaver because it’s kept my skin looking youthful and toned without having to apply a bunch of products.”

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Jan 19, 2023

Detailed Guideline in 2023: How to Use IPL Hair Removal Device

For years, IPL hair removal devices have been the most popular way for people who have hair troubles. A painless experience and the effect of permanent hair removal make people choose it. As IPL technology like JOVS Venus Pro II remover is available for use at home, it brings more convenience and privacy.

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